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What is Virtualization

Virtualization is an abstraction layer that allows multiple virtual machines, with heterogeneous operating systems to run in isolation, side-by-side on the same physical machine. By separating the physical hardware from the operating system, virtualization allows you to:
  • Run multiple virtual machines with heterogeneous operating systems at the same time on the same physical machine
  • Create fully configured isolated virtual machines with it's own set of virtual hardware to run an operating system and applications
  • Rapidly save, copy and provision virtual machines that can be moved from one physical server to another for workload consolidation and zero downtime maintenance
Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization solutions simplify IT so companies can leverage their storage, network, and computing resources to control costs and respond faster.

By implementing virtualization solutions, IT managers can address challenges that include:

Server Consolidation and Containment – Eliminating ‘server sprawl’ via deployment of systems as virtual machines (VMs) that can run safely and move transparently across shared hardware, and increase server utilization rates from 5-15% to 60-80%.

Test and Development Optimization – Rapidly provisioning test and development servers by reusing pre-configured systems, enhancing developer collaboration and standardizing development environments.

Business Continuity – Reducing the cost and complexity of business continuity (high availability and disaster recovery solutions) by encapsulating entire systems into single files that can be replicated and restored on any target server, thus minimizing downtime.

Enterprise Desktop – Securing unmanaged PCs, workstations and laptops without compromising end user autonomy by layering a security policy in software around desktop virtual machines.

To benefit from the capabilities that virtual infrastructure offers, enterprises need clear guidance to assess their existing hardware and applications, and to use that knowledge to plan, build and manage their virtual infrastructure.

Freedom Groups is a fully accredited VMWare Enterprise VIP Partner, allowing us to provide you with the complete suite of VMWare products, with the backing of trained & certified staff to carry out VMWare implementations from initial assessments through to project implementation and completion. Freedom Groups has adopted the Virtual Infrastructure Methodology (VIM) which is split into 4 phases: Asses, Plan, Build and Manage to ensure that all VMWare projects have defined and measurable objectives, deliverables and business benefits. These projects can often be categorized within the following areas: To learn more about transitioning toward a virtualized environment contact us.


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