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Our Virtualization Vision

VMware is the leader in virtualization software and currently uncontested as the world’s fastest growing software company. While this in it self, is remarkable, studies show that VMware has only 5-8% market share of new servers being deployed. This concludes that most organizations continue to spend budget dollars on server hardware and associated utility and management costs.

Freedom Groups supports a “virtualization vision” which concentrates on virtual infrastructure as the standard organizational platform – not only for servers, but for storage, backup, DR (disaster recovery) and clients alike. Organizations that adopt this virtualization vision will benefit from tremendous cost savings, in addition to, vastly improved management, reliability, recoverability and security.

When implementing a virtual infrastructure, organizations are not forced to make the full transition over night. In fact, in most cases, it is done through a strategically phased approach. Once an organization embraces this vision, the time it takes for a full migration will depend on business culture, politics and very often budget. Fortunately, Freedom Groups has the knowledge and expertise to assist organizations of all sizes with these projects from start to finish.

We encourage you to meet with our virtualization consultants to discuss how this technology can benefit your company. Contact us


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