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24/7 Threat Center

The MX Logic® Threat Center

MX Logic offers robust managed online security services that effectively protect businesses against corporate-wide email and Web threats. With threats growing daily in volume and severity, advanced, proactive technology is vital. At MX Logic, however, we believe that the ultimate power of technology is only possible through human innovation.

Without the experience and expertise of the MX Logic Threat Management team, the service would not be successful in blocking over 99 percent of unwanted email from entering the business network – and keeping other threats like viruses, spyware and phishing attacks at bay.

Integrating human intelligence with technology

The MX Logic Threat Center is staffed by seasoned messaging security experts who live and breathe complex messaging and Web security. By integrating logic and intelligence with state-of-the-art technology, we offer:

  • Advanced, accurate and up-to-the-minute hands-on email monitoring to detect and defend against spam, viruses, worms
  • Sophisticated Internet surveillance to track Web-based threats
  • Proactive, 24-hour network protection
  • Analytical expertise to fine-tune filtering and Web defense techniques to ensure proactive security
Dynamic Email Defense Service keeps your network threat-free

Using around-the-clock email traffic monitoring, our Threat Center veterans proactively identify suspicious patterns and volume anomalies. Armed with knowledge, we can quickly develop solutions, integrate updated filters and patches, and block threats in near real-time. And, the centralized nature of the service allows us to more quickly react to evolving email threats and update our systems more rapidly than other types of solutions.

Intelligence at the core of our Web Defense Service

As threats grow in number and complexity, our team of experienced Web security experts can protect against even the most sophisticated and stealthy threats. At the foundation of our Web Defense Service is a dedicated staff that blocks spyware, viruses and phishing attacks before they can infiltrate your business.

In combination with our Web defense technology, the Threat Center:

  • Protects the entire network, including remote users
  • Provides continuous updates to protect against the latest threats
  • Delivers reliable around-the-clock service and support
Rewriting the filtering rules to address shifting threats

By monitoring streaming data and completing up-to-the-minute research, the MX Logic Threat Center:

  • Incorporates the latest virus, worm and spam attack information into its databases
  • Rewrites its filtering rules to capture the new threats
  • Captures data, like spam fingerprints that contain the URLs of suspected spammers, and then blocks the suspicious URLs
  • Updates the heuristics and loads them into the system in order to more effectively separate good email from bad email
  • Collects and systematically loads third-party distributed anti-virus and anti-worm updates
Threat Center backed by highly-reliable data infrastructure

Utilizing leading technology and redundant message processing centers, MX Logic guarantees 99.99 percent service availability. Our data center production environment provides immediate disaster recovery and high availability, and the MX Logic Network Operations Center (NOC) provides 24x7x365 operational support and automated monitoring of all service components. Network and application monitoring provides remote operations personnel visibility into suspect or trouble alerts and alarms.

Armed with knowledge

The MX Logic Threat Center employs a dynamic defense by continuously incorporating information from its sensor network into its database and rewriting and updating its filtering rules to protect against the latest threats.

About MX Logic
MX Logic is a leading provider of managed email and Web security services that deliver enterprise-grade performance without enterprise-level complexity and cost. Our easy-to-use, award-winning services reduce risk and liability, lower overall IT costs, and increase productivity.

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