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Networking Monitoring

Freedom Groups offers a robust network monitoring and remediation solution that takes the management headaches out of your IT environment. Our customizable solution has the capability to provide all the following services:


      Freedom Groups can remotely monitor all IP based devices (servers, workstations, printers, network devices, etc…) at a customer site based on best-practice network monitoring policies. This service provides strong, reliable and customizable monitoring that allows you to be proactive while eliminating problems before they occur.


      Our solution contains a robust notification system to keep our internal technicians informed 24 hours a day of when problems occur. It also allows us to define specific thresholds, hardware failures and other parameters with alerts which can be automatically sent to individuals within your organization, so that you are never in the dark.

Patch Management

      Through our monitoring console, we can provide fast and reliable patch management on servers and workstations to help you proactively defend against network threats and outdated software versions.

Asset Management

      This offering uses an advanced auto-discovery technology to reliably collect accurate and essential network data. The asset inventory is collected at regular user-defined intervals and ensures that you always have access to up-to-date asset inventory, warranty, location and tag information.


      As part of our monitoring solution we offer a comprehensive set of reports that provide in-depth data on all aspects of the devices being monitored in your environment.

Trouble Tickets

      An integrated trouble ticket system can also be added to the overall remote monitoring solution based on the unique requirements of your environment.


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