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Custom Imaging

Custom Imaging Services

Freedom Groups Custom Imaging Services consists of loading a copy of your original data to multiple PC desktops, laptops, or servers.

For example, if your organization uses Windows XP Pro, Office XP, Accounting Software, VPN client, Anti-Virus, and specific network settings, our trained technicians can create an image of this configuration on our server. The computers are then attached to our imaging network and the image is placed on each machine. We are able to do this process in quantity, allowing you to have multiple machines configured on demand.

Submit an image in Three ways:
• Send us your image file on CD or hard drive.
• Send us your system (PC or laptop). We'll upload your image to our image server and use it on your future orders.
• We can create a new image for you. Simply purchase or provide us with copies of the software and we'll configure an image.

Benefits of Imaging Services:
• Save time by no longer needing to configure multiple computers.
• Create different images for different departments according to their software needs.
• Stop worrying about missing applications. With Custom Imaging Services, you can be sure that all of the correct applications make it onto each of your computers.
• With a VPN tunnel, we can even add your computers to your local domain, down load policy certificates or other network configurations.


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