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Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Implementing plans to ensure business continuity is a requirement for organizations, today. Downtime of important applications is a costly proposition and extended downtime can even be fatal. Industry research shows that a significant number of companies that experience extended interruption in IT services, soon go out of business. While most organizations recognize the importance of business continuity, their ability to provide high availability and disaster recovery for key applications is often constrained by the following challenges:

High costs. Many business continuity solutions require significant investment in hardware, software and services. Disaster recovery plans, in particular, often require duplicating data center infrastructure, resulting in a proliferation of costly, underutilized servers.

Failure to meet recovery time and availability goals. Due to the cost and complexity of business continuity solutions, organizations are often forced to compromise on solutions that are unlikely to meet their goals for availability and recovery time objectives.

Overly complex and unreliable solutions. Requiring significant equipment and personnel resources, the complexity of specialized solutions makes them difficult to maintain and harder to ensure that sufficient staff are trained and available when needed.

High Availability with VMware Virtual Infrastructure

VMware’s groundbreaking VMotion technology allows IT administrators to move running virtual machines (software containers that hold a complete operating system and applications) from one physical server to another without downtime. This capability makes it possible to conduct zero-downtime hardware maintenance by simply using VMotion to move running applications to other physical servers as needed. Support for redundant network and storage interface cards is built into VMware® ESX Server, allowing network and storage interface cards to be shared by multiple virtual machines on a server.

Better Disaster Recovery with Virtual Infrastructure

VMware virtual machines are hardware-independent, thus any physical server can serve as a recovery target for any virtual machine. As a result, organizations can significantly reduce the cost of hardware for disaster recovery by repurposing underutilized existing servers for recovery targets and disaster recovery testing. With VMware virtual infrastructure, complex multi-step procedures using specialized software for bare-metal recovery and operating system recovery can be simplified to single-step file recovery. Because virtual machines are completely encapsulated into a small number of files, they can be restored to any hardware. This encapsulation property also makes it possible to use third-party replication software to replicate entire virtual machines to a recovery site, reducing recovery time to just a few hours. Virtual infrastructure enables a more reliable disaster recovery plan. Because it simplifies disaster recovery processes, the ability to meet time-to-recovery targets is improved, testing of disaster recovery plans is simpler and training personnel in disaster recovery procedures is easier.

Benefits of Business Continuity Solutions with Virtual Infrastructure

Customers who have used VMware virtual infrastructure to improve their business continuity plans have realized benefits including the following:

• Reduced downtime. Customers can eliminate much of their planned downtime with a virtual infrastructure solution. They can also prevent and reduce unplanned downtime, including dramatic reductions in time to recovery for disaster scenarios.

• Lower costs. Virtual infrastructure makes it possible for companies to implement better business continuity at a lower cost by slashing the need for additional hardware and specialized software.

• Simplified processes. Virtual infrastructure removes the complexity of maintaining duplicate physical systems for disaster recovery. It also eliminates and streamlines much of the recovery process.

Freedom Groups is a fully accredited VMWare Enterprise VIP Partner, allowing us to provide you with the complete suite of VMWare products, with the backing of trained & certified staff to carry out VMWare implementations from initial assessments through to project implementation and completion. Freedom Groups has adopted the Virtual Infrastructure Methodology (VIM) which is split into 4 phases: Asses, Plan, Build and Manage to ensure that all VMWare projects have defined and measurable objectives, deliverables and business benefits. These projects can often be categorized within the following areas: To learn more about transitioning toward a virtualized environment contact us.


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